TiPi (a Toolkit for Inverse Problems and Imaging) is a Java library developed during the MiTiV project. On top of this library we provide Icy plugins for blind and myopic image deconvolution.

Why a new library?

The main motivation was to provide everyone with efficient image processing algorithms which are able to deal with actual data. We chose to implement our algorithms into Icy which is a feature rich and user friendly environment for image processing (mainly for bio-medical imaging). Of course, as the software developed in the framework of the MiTiV project, Icy is public domain and thus freely available. Icy is written in Java and TiPi is the core software that we had to develop to implement our algorithms and achieve good performances. With TiPi on current Java virtual machines, it is possible to process 3D images with billions of voxels. By using Java, we also benefit from portability.

Getting TiPi

The software is freely available in the form of two components:

  • TiPi provides fundamental and crucial functionalities that simplify heavy computations with wrappers for data structures, optimization and regularization methods, data management, etc. Our algorithms are built over this base.
  • TiPi4Icy provides the Icy plugins.



TiPi Javadoc