TiPi example

Before starting:

Some introduction on TiPI and the plugins.




First we need to install Icy and get some images: 2D (Saturn or jupiter), download both the image and the psf (in our case we will work with saturn.png and saturn_psf.png) or 3D data (Bars-G10-P30.zip and PSF-Bars.zip).


Images from STSCI are raw images, for the example use the png version (saturn.png and saturn_psf.png).

Icy may have some difficulties to open ".fit" images, just rename them in ".fits".

3D Deconvolution can be very costly in time and hungry for memory, so we recommend 8Gb or 16Gb to play with the bars.

Let's do some deconvolution:

Icy is installed, the image and the psf downloaded. So launch Icy and open/load the image and the PSF.

Now that we have the image let's choose a plugin: MitivWiener, MitivDeconvolution and MitivBlindDeconvolution.

Let's start with MitivWiener:

The result may not be satisfying if the noise is too strong or not gaussian, so why not use a most efficient methods ?

Now we choose MitivDeconvolution.


 That's all, now you can try on your images.