The algorithms developed during MITIV are accessible freely to everyone.

There are two ways to get them:


Go here.

Non developers:


We created plugins for an existing software called Icy which is also available freely and is used in bio informatics.

There are three plugins:


Linear algorithm

This plugin contain linear algorithms which mean that it is not the most powerful but it can compute satisfying results with a good speed.



Non Linear Algorithms

The total variation plugin is able to compute the solution with non linear algorithms wich mean that the results are better but needs more parameters and may be slower to compute.


Blind deconvolution plugin

The globalDeconv plugin is able to do blind deconvolution, it means that it can guess the PSF associated to the image to run the deconvolution algorithm.


Here we have MitivTotalVariation in action with a 2D image.


You don't know how to code but want to chain different algorithms, use Icy protocols, it's just box that you link each others.


Simplicity and efficiency.