Deconvolution of hyperspectral astronomical data 

Integral field spectrographs are popular astronomical instruments that provide hyperspectral images. These data cube give much more information than monochromatic images but have a low signal to noise ratio.

 spatio-spectral cut of a restored integral field spectrograph data

Key idea(s)

Using a fast model of spectrally varying blur, we design a iterative restoration method taking into account specificity of real data (narrow field, high dynamic, non-stationary noise,..).


Results show a significant gain both in term of resolution and in term of denoising with some field of view extrapolation.



Restoration of hyperspectral astronomical data with spectrally varying blur
F. Soulez, E. Thiébaut and L. Denis, to appear in EAS Publication series. (pdf)
3-D deconvolution of hyper-spectral astronomical data
S. Bongard, F. Soulez, E. Thiébaut, and E. Pécontal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2011, 418 (1), pp 258-270. (pdf)