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Designer and founder of ArtisTree, which focuses on residential and commercial tree houses, Will Beilharz has built a home that sits on an active Hawaiian volcano.

Combining sustainability with modern design, Beilharz’s latest residential space sits in Hawaii’s remote area of Kalapana, which is also home to the very active Kilawea Volcano. Beilharz has named this project “Phoenix House,” named after the fictional animal that is known for reemerging from the ashes and rebirthing.

The exterior is made up of blackened wood and recycled rusted metal to compliment the home’s surroundings. This two story space has three main points, the bedroom, dining, and living room. As a bonus, visitors are able to see steam from the volcano’s hot liquids once they fall into the cold sea and are about four miles away from seeing molten lava fall 100 ft.

The home is currently available to rent on Airbnb and ranges from $100 to $150 per night.

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Words by Noah Thomas
Assistant Editor