MiTiV (Méthodes Inverses de Traitement en Imagerie du Vivant) is a project funded by the French ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, N° ANR-09-EMER-008). The objectives are to exploit the inverse approach for image reconstruction in bio-medical imaging and astronomy. The project includes the development of tools that can be used by non-specialists for improving image quality for image restoration in coronarography and 3-D microscopy.

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The deconvolution method proposed by F. Soulez receives the 1st prize of "3D Microscopy Deconvolution Challenge" that took place during ISBI 2013.


Lateral and axial cross-section of the simulated 3D micrograph used in the challenge (left) and corresponding deconvolution (right).
The deconvolution result show a strong improvement both in term of resolution and signal to noise ratio.

C. Elegans embryo.
Left: three channel original wide field microscopy 3-D image by Griffa et al. (2010).
Right: result of the blind deconvolution algorithm of Soulez et al. (2012).

Dynamic CT mechanical phantom, Elekta Synergy cone-beam CT.
Dynamic reconstructions of the 2D central slice of a mechanical phantom of a thorax, from data acquired with a Elekta Synergy cone-beam CT, at the Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon, France. Only the data corresponding to the central slice was taken, which gives a 2D truncated sinogram in fan beam geometry. About 600 projections were acquired on 360°.

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